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The year is December 2009. Finland-based company, Rovio, unleashed Angry Birds! A game that became one of the biggest free-to-play video game franchises in the history of modern gaming. It was not until 2015 when the company finally released Angry Birds 2, the official sequel of the first installment.

Inspired by the gameplay mechanics of Crush the Castle and the Swine Flu epidemic during the time of its development, Angry Birds is the 52nd game developed by Rovio.  Three years and four spin-offs later, the franchise made another milestone after surpassing the billionth download mark. But unlike other successful game franchises, Rovio shifted its focus to spinoffs before releasing a sequel.

These spinoffs (like Rio) generally follow the same gameplay structure with the original game. The difference is the theme  in each spinoff. In a span of six years, Rovio was able to produce 10 spinoffs before finally unleashing Angry Birds 2 (the sequel) in July 2015.

Compared to its predecessor, Angry Birds 2 boasts a range of improvements in terms of features and presentation. Fast and fluid gameplay, highly detailed environments, intense animation, and explosive audio/visual effects are just some of the changes in the game. In a way, Angry Birds 2 is a proper representation of the franchise’s success that has sustained Rovio over the years.

Angry Birds 2 is the perfect sequel for the most iconic casual game in the history of modern pop culture. The new features and challenges in the game not only brings a new look but a new experience! Download the game today and play your favorite characters from the original Angry Birds game and Angry Birds Movie 2.


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Superior Graphics and Animation

Angry Birds 2 is an example of a sequel done well. It does not have those clone-like qualities that are common among sequels in the free-to-play genre. A simple side-by-side comparison between the original will instantly tell you that you are in for a completely new ride.

Compared to the original game, the sequel now has a lot of moving details in the background. From the tiny dust-like particles to the weather effects, you can really appreciate the level of artistry that is invested in the game. In addition, the character animation is way much smoother compared to the first one. Therefore, Angry Birds 2 is a combination of all the best elements from the previous games of the franchise.


Enjoy The New Multi-Stage Levels of Angry Birds 2

Of course, Angry Birds 2 also comes with new and exciting levels! Players can now enjoy seamless gameplay with the integration of multi-stage-levels, making each challenge longer and more immersive than ever!

In addition to new multi-stage levels, there are various boss battles that take place after the completion of five levels. Another new feature is the Arena. This new mode allows players to compete against random players across the world. Each victory in the arena provides players access to arena tickets, treasure chests, feathers, in-game currency, rare items, and so much more.

TIP: Perform a 10-win streak to get epic rewards!


Cast Your Spells

To make each battle even more exciting, Angry Birds 2 now comes with various spells that the player can use in both the main campaign and arena modea. One example is the Golden Ducks spell which causes a plethora of golden ducks to fall from the sky. Another is the Pig Inflator spell, which causes the Pigs within range to inflate and eventually explode.

The Hot Chili spell is another interesting power-up that ignites one random Pig. It later leads to a devastating explosion. For players who want to remove concrete structures powerfully, the Blizzard spell can be used. Lastly, the Mighty Eagle spell helps eliminate all single Pigs in just one move!

Other special and more powerful spells are also available for a limited time. These spells usually pop up during seasonal and regular events. Experience all the new levels, spells, plus so much more when you play Angry Birds 2 on your PC today!


Download and Play Angry Birds 2 on PC For Free!

Just like the first installment, you can play Angry Birds 2 on PC for free! Enjoy yet another round of slingshot action with your favorite birds. There are also a handful of new birds that you will meet in the sequel. This is usually referred to as the “Extra Birds.” These birds can only be unlocked using a special key (that could be found somewhere in the map).


Meet The Extra Birds 

These extra birds are called Stella, Hal, Bubbles, and Leonard. Like the old birds, each of them has a special ability that can be helpful in certain levels. Stella’s specialty for example, is capturing blocks through bubbles. Second, Hal is basically a boomerang. When you throw him, he will simply revert back when you click him.

Third is Bubbles – his specialty is expanding into a big ball until it bursts or damages the structures near him. Last but not the least is Leonard. Technically, he is not a “bird,” but is actually a Pig! Yes, Leonard WAS an enemy – and now one of the birds’ most useful ally. Leonard’s special ability is to shoot snots. He can shoot snots at least thrice in just one launch!

Well that was an interesting twist, isn’t it? Who knew the Angry Birds were capable of making friends from enemies? Play the game now to get much more surprises. What’s holding you back? It’s totally free-to-play on PC.

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Angry Birds 2 Screenshot

Angry Birds 2 For PC | Download The Sequel of the #1 Casual Game